For 30 years, Stick Col Srl from Fiorano Modenese has been alongside its customers, committed to solving adhesive and bonding needs in all sectors of industrial production. Always updated on new chemical/technological opportunities and attentive to new European chemical regulations, it positions itself as an ideal support in the adhesive and glue industry.

Stick Col was born in 1979 from the awareness that hot melt adhesives would change the way of gluing in all industrial sectors.
Thus, it decided to build its first plant for the production of hot melt adhesives in stick form, and over the years specialized in formulations suitable for the demands of industrial development.
It was therefore able to anticipate and improve work habits through the use of new products made available by the latest discoveries in chemistry.
Increasingly attentive to environmental protection and respect for customers and suppliers, its position as a link between needs and proposals enables it to cooperate as a contact point between raw material producers and users.
Your ideal partner
Stick Col is able to maintain its top-notch quality because it knows how to guide its customers through the demands of the markets.
The company positions itself as a partner for all the new targets and needs arising from entrepreneurs′ creative ideas.
Boxes, bags, logos, colors: everything can be customized for Stick Col srl products.
Please inquire about the feasibility of your project: we will be glad to show you the possibilities.
We transform your raw materials into sticks, granules, cylinders and more.


Customized Productions
Formulations, packaging, labeling, diameters, lengths as per the customer′s request.
Third party production
With raw materials chosen and supplied by the customer.
Adhesive bonding adhesion test
To ensure certain results.
Analysis lab for thermal fuses and vinyl coatings.
For the achievement of the goal desired by you.
Research and Development
To always provide our customers with the best and most innovative technologies.


Our laboratory is available for the analysis of your samples, as well as for testing the adhesion and bonding of the surfaces proposed by you. It is also at the heart of the research and design of new formulas and for the testing of new raw materials. The development of new products comes not only from customer requests, but also from Stick Col′s commitment to making the hot-melt adhesive increasingly versatile and suitable for every solution.

Commodity Sectors

Hot melt adhesives in stick form are used in all production and manufacturing sectors: industry, stationery, DIY, graphics, textiles, furniture, electronics, hobbies, crafts, cosmetics, ceramics. They are useful for sealing boxes, gluing paper and cardboard, adhering glass, leather, ceramics, metals in the jewelry, leather goods, favors, cribs, general decorations, masks, insulation, construction, filling, frames, furniture industry, cosmetics, metallurgy, packaging, winemaking, florists, upholstery, stationery, fruit, modeling, electrical, medical, automotive, photographic sectors.


Colucci Carmine
Founder Administrator.
Colucci Pellegrino
Technical and Production Manager.
Orlandi Claudio
Sales Manager.
Meschieri Antonella
Administrative Manager.
  • Because since 1980 we have been following our customers in their choices in the field of adhesives.

  • Because we have over 30 years of experience in the hot-melt adhesive industry.

  • Because we are in close contact with the leading global manufacturers of the raw materials necessary for their production.



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The geographical areas reachable from Stick Col are numerous, as its production site is located in the logistical heart of ceramics and coatings production. This makes it competitive even in terms of transportation, as the area is served by couriers and carriers coming from and going to all parts of the world.


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